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見えない力 導くよ BLADE!

26 June 1989

Hello~ This is Mia ^_^
PLEASE read my STICKY POST first if you want to add me :D

I'm a SanaZawa BIG fan~
And a stalker, when it comes about pretty boys <3
Let's make a quick list to make it faster XD

★ Johnny's Entertainment
Mis Snow Man
Lots of Juniors :D
and much more XD
★ D-BOYS - D2 - D-DATE
★ AMUSE boys
★ PUREboys
★ Tenimyu
★ Tenipuri
★ Kamen Rider
★ Super Sentai
★ McFly
★ Simple Plan
★ Panic! at the Disco
★ My Chemical Romance

Whatever and whereever those ikemens are.

Just so you know, I love MIS SNOW MAN very much~
Because there my bb Nonchan is <3
Love Hasshi very much because he's such an angel <3
Having a delusional mind about KenKen and his harem Cocoa Otoko XD
A Toshiya Miyata's fan because he has such a big nose I'm serious
You can try talk about anime, I watched some :D

In summary my biases are:
★ Nozawa Yuuki
★ Hashimoto Ryosuke
★ Hashimoto Taito
★ Miyata Toshiya
★ Totani Kimito
★ Araki Hirofumi
★ Yamada Yuuki
★ Sasaki Yoshihide
★ Hamao Kyousuke
★ Takuya Ide
★ Danny Jones
★ Harry Judd
★ Mikey Way
★ David Desrosiers
★ Brendon Urie

Fanfics and BL movies are real in my world.
especially when the pairing is my OTP XD
So come flail with me about both <3

A public administration student, which make me suck.

Beware! I'm a fujoshi, a SLASH shipper.
That's the way I choose to live a life. LOL

Friend me anytime if you want, I'm not picky nor unkind :)


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