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04 October 2012 @ 12:17 am
EXO-K's SM.ART exhibition postcards  

my EXO-K's postcards from SM. ART exhibition finally arrived! /le sighs.
I was totally forgot about this lol when my friend told me that it's shipped already ^^;

well it's been laying in my office's desk since Monday but since I was out of town for work I wasn't able to lay my hand on this beautiful thing faster lol.

Its material is a bit too thin than what I expected, because as long as I remember postcard should be thicker than this.
not that I complain much XD
I'm lucky enough to have someone that was willing to take order ;A;

long story short, Kaisoo's lips look incrediby sexy don't you think? /crey because its very luscious.

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