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23 September 2011 @ 01:33 am
I finally have time to write the con report *sighs*
I believe I hit my head some months ago and cause a permanent damage to some part of my brain so it reduces the ability of my brain to memorize short term memory.
I hardly remember a thing that is just happen few days ago but I still can remember things from like 10-15 years ago. :/
Okay worthless.
THE POINT IS, I maybe forget and messed up some a lot of details so if any of you who read this happened to be in the con too, correct me if I'm wrong okay? :D
Plus, I'm totally biased on Brendon.

Some conversations aren’t exactly the same but you'll still get the idea. :D
Enjoy the long rants, biased and also the crappy pics.

P!ATD performed after Yellowcard which in my opinion have a little *only a little* less fans in the stadium that time.
Everyone had started yelling "Panic! Panic!" when Yellowcard were still on the stage, and I was like "OMG you guys are meanie."
I'm not a big fan of yellowcard of course, but I loved their "only one", "light and sound" and "light up the sky" and I swear I used to fangirl Sean back then
Pass to PATD, the preparation for their performance took a really long time, well at least it's longer than yellowcard or the other band featured on the festival, bad religion.
IDK why, the difference between them and the other two was only a keyboard for Brendon.

AAAND finally, PATD came to the stage.
Brendon was the first seen, the rest I can't remember.
Brendon waved to the crowd and even it was still dark *all light had been turned off* the crowd still noticed him and screamed like a little girl xDD

Brendon wore a thin grey tank top and a broken white *or was it cream, OH IDK* blazer so at first I thought he wore a T-shirt, not a tank top
He looks adorably beautiful ♥

Spencer is skinnier than on Vices & Virtues' cover, he wore.. ummm.. lemme think.
But if I remember right he wore a light brown T-shirt with black vest and a black trousers.
Oh there's a photo!

Ian wore a black tight trousers and a tight blue with black stripes shirt *okay, not that tight, it's just fit his body really well*
Oh and plus a black braces. AND THAT'S WHAT MADE HIM GOOD *O*
I think I have a braces fetish and that's strange. XD

See? he looks good with that right? 8D

Dallon wore a pink shirt *was it pink?? Oh please.* a black vest and a black trousers.

I love this pic XD

Brendon went straight to the keyboard and "Ready To Go" was the first song.
Me and my friend talked a moment before the performance started and she guessed that the first song would be "Nearly Witches...".
I said that's impossible and I guessed "Ready To Go", yes it was :D
Brendon could only handle one minute with his blazer because the air was hot and humid, he took it off and threw it to the crew.
*I thought he was going to throw it to the crowd, haha*

Second song was "But It's Better If You Do".
Th crowd screamed like hell because it's the first album's song, the album that everyone loves the best ♥
Cannot remember the detail so that's it.

Third song was "The Ballad of Monalisa" and the crowd cheered in glory again.
Monalisa is one of my favourites song from Vices&Virtues so I sang it in full throttle XD
Because I was so excited, I forgot to record the performance, stupid.

Fourth song was "Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off".
Again the crowd cheered like a loony.

I thought something happened after that.
So umm, a fan *or two* screamed: "IAN, DO YOU LOVE US???"
And Ian the kindest person on earth answered:
"Yes, I love you all baby~"

Can't stop flailing about how good he looked with that outfit, LOL

We screamed out of our lungs and when I thought I was still screaming, Dallon said:
"I love you too~" to Ian.
Because he looked lovingly to Ian and kept looking at him until Ian turned his face to him and laughed.
Brendon laughed a bit and the same fan asking Ian screamed again: "Brendon, you're jealous! You want Ryan to say that to you!"
But he didn't say anything and laughed only, this time clearly visible.
The fans screamed at that, but really, I wasn't sure it because they love BL. 8D
There will be some more Dallian's *??* moments awaiting so sit back. XD

OMG really, my heart is still hurting because of Rydon's break up and thought that I would never get my dose of PATD BL ever since, thanks to Brendon's engagement :/
But then, in my very eyes, they said it clearly *well, DALLON said it, I didn't hear Ian said "I love you" back.*
and the fact *or not* that Brendon did have that jealous face and his mysterious laugh...
I still have hopes! XDD

Fifth song was "Trade Mistake".
I hardly remember something special, but I think I remember PATD medley this song with the sixth song.

Sixth was "Camisado". When I heard it I thought that: OMG I MISSED THIS SONG VERY MUCH!
This song was my most favourite song of "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" so it really brings back memories XD
The crowd seemed had the same thought with me though :D
We screamed the "Oh, oh, oh~~" part loudly. LOL

Seventh was "Hurricane" and this time I screamed "HELL YEAH!" LOL
This is my favourite song too and fortunately I managed to record it. :DD

Go here to see it~
Started a bit late btw~

Probably around this time, Brendon was exhausted already.
He wiped his sweat and said: "it's really hot huh?"
The crowd said yes and yelling a lot of words in once.
Brendon said: "You guys are too many I can't hear what you said."
"Come here tell me on the stage so I can hear you clearly."
The crowd screamed hysterically. I thought it was only Brendon's sweet mouth.
But then again he said:
"Come on! I don't mind you guys coming up on the stage~" he gestured us to come up to stage.
We were confused. IS THIS REAL?
And seconds after some fans from my section *including me* had one feet on the rail ready to jump off and run to the stage already before the security stopped us from jumping.
And Brendon had already getting ready for the next song so we think it’s no use kept trying.
Kuchi dake ka? LOL.

This is the laughing Brendon, he successfully made fun of us XD

Eight was "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage".
The crowd broke into a joyous scream again 8D
Everyone loves the first album too much, just like me XD

Ninth was "Let's Kill Tonight".
Awesome because the video released only a month ago and it's still fresh in everyone's mind ♥
I lost my voice already at this point and sang only the chorus part. LOL
Brendon and Ian played percussion, Ian threw both stick to the crowd but Brendon threw it to the air above him :/
I recorded the percussion part because I thought it's awesome XD

Tenth was "Nine in the afternoon".
My friend's favourite song and she was like: "FINALLY!" and sang it with maximum scream. XD
Me of course, and crowd apparently had been waiting for this song too so it's pretty loud~
It's the only song from "Pretty Odd" though~

Eleventh was "Time To Dance".
What happened? Don’t really remember XD
I think before Brendon started singing he introduce the members.
"The awesome guitar playerc*or something like that*, Ian Crawford"

"This tall man from this to this *making a measurement gestures*, Dallon weekes"
This is exactly what happened~ Blur, yes, I know XD

"Annnnd, Mr. Spencer Smith!" *at this point Spencer played his drums as his "hello"*
Brendon paused for drink and Dallon took over.
"Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Brendon Urie!" and all went "kyaaaa" to the max XD

Twelve was the glorious song evaaarrrr!
"I write sins not tragedies". XDDD
I said it's glorious because this song is HELL popular even if you're not PATD fan, you know it! LOL
The crowd seemed totally lost control and singing with all their might, including me of course XD
I fancam-ed it too, here~

And, if I'm not mistaken, Ian unbuttoned his shirt on this song *YEAH, the entire button are off!*
It was too hot already for him and so he decided to get some air for his poor body XDDD
I was like: (*O*) and took like TONS pictures of him. HAHAHA
If only he would take off his shirt my life would've been better. XD

He really didn't know that unbuttoning his shirt is a CRIME! xDD

And the last song was "Nearly Witches... (Ever Since We Met)".
The last song on the album and the last song on the concert.

I swear it had only been 5 minutes for me when Brendon said all his thanks and all, means, their performance is about to over.
The song isn't a climax! They should've sung "Always"!
But after all they rarely sing "Always" *shrugs*

Performance over, Ian threw some more picks and I think Dallon too.
Spencer and Brendon were gone fast and it all ended.
We couldn't believe it's ended already and hoping for an encore so we yelled: "we want more! we want more!"
But of course nothing happened and that was it, P!ATD's performance had ended.

Although I knew the show had ended I stay put on my spot for like 10-15 minutes, I just didn't want the show to end!
My friend got the set list and she was just an inch behind my back.
Here is the setlist btw:

There were a lot of things I've forgotten of course, but I've tried my best. *runs*
There were moments when Ian ran to Dallon's side on the other wing and pretended to kiss him.
Because he was such a naughty boy, Dallon gave him a little spank on arse.
A fan who's standing beside me screamed: "WHAT WAS THAT?!"
And I was like: "Are you blind, my bb Dallon spanked the naughty boy Ian."

See? I'm not lying XD
That was right after Dallon spanked Ian, they both laughed so it's mutual benefits?

I remember Ian did it the other way to Ian and then Dallon spanked Ian once more but not at the same song with the first spank.
AND, Mr. Urie didn't want to be left out.
He spanked Ian once on "I write sins not tragedies" IF I remember right.
All I remember THEOSE SPANKING FRENZY happened at the last one-third of the con.

That's Brendon and Dallon, doing thing that us fans shouldn't see XD

Plus, Brendon strangled Ian on neck *Ian involved in lots of BL moments, that's why we all love him ♥*, gave a faint little peck on Ian's hair and kept strangling him for few seconds.


and THIS

Aaahh ♥♥
The fact that Ian had already unbuttoning his shirt didn't help 8D
Or perhaps that was the reason why Brendon did those. HAHA.

I completely realized that I didn't write about Spencer that much, or to put it right I only mentioned his name like three times? D:
Really it's not that I dislike him but I TOTALLY couldn't see Spencer from my spot.
As I said, Brendon's keyboard blocked my vision and Spencer never stood up from his seat even once except when he ran off to the backstage at the end.
Also, the stage's wide the distance between me and Spencer was about 5 meters D:

The stage is about 2 meters tall from the ground, the distance between it and the crowd is about 2-3 meters.
Even Ryan Mendez said the distance is too far he couldn't throw his pick to the crowd without failing.
Which I cannot agree more.
But I pretty much understand since the stage would be the same stage Linkin Park use on the next day and I could say LP's fans are not very quiet. XD
So, sorry Spencer for not letting you joined the excitement much. LOL
But you were awesome, I love you ♥
I can't have them all though. XD

Overall, I love this concert ♥
The concert was GREAT.
I like the lightings and the boys’ stage act. Brendon talked much to the crowd too~
I’m satisfied with the set list *I want “Always” but it’s rarely performed in other’s concert though so I’m okay*
But I’m pretty much disappointed with Brendon’s microphone because sometimes it let out a weird sound D:
And I wished Brendon wore something more than a tank top and blazer XD
But I understand though, it was freaking hot even for me.

Then again, there is this HIGH possibility that I missed lots of details and I'm very sure I messed up the order here and there.
I should say big thanks to Jeannie because from the set list she got, I could at least write the song in proper order 8D
At least I’ve tried to give you the whole idea about the con and hope it could be useful.
That’s all.

AND! Mercenary full song is out!
I can say the song is sexy? Haha.
Will the make a video for it?

Thank you :))
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