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26 June 2026 @ 01:29 pm
WELCOME !! ^^  
Hello, welcome to my LJ~
I'm Mia ^_^
To make sure everything in the future going well,
I decided to make this sticky post.
Just like you guys do, I want to make friends,
but I only want to make friends with them who at least TRY to talk to me.
So, I won't add you back if we never at least talked once.

I want to make sure those who are my friends are going to read and comment my entry,
and those who's not going to turn me down.
I don't bite, I promise, so why bother talk to me first before you add me?
I'll make sure I'll add you back if you follow the rule :)

My LJ is mostly shits, you can count it with your right fingers.
RL, translation, download links (mostly f-locked), fanfics, fanvids and well. LOL
For some unknown reason I keep fanfic and football related things unlocked XD

My fandoms are on the sidebars *points the sidebar*
and I'm a Fujoshi, hardcore one >.<
Oh, and I love to talk about football too~
You can check my profile to make sure we do share some more interests~
You might not want to add me, then, but I promised you good friend behaviours~
avoid bashing
fangirling nicely

Commenting this entry EQUAL talking to me :D
A brief intro IS enough~
Name and fandoms is enough, I think :D

Also, as you can see this LJ is FRIENDS ONLY.

oops, comments are screened~ ^.^


add me and Kazari will love you~ XD
ムード: accomplishedaccomplished